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Stephen Wechselblatt


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Worse Than Murder 

Inspired by the real life case of Elisa Lam and the crimes of the Night Stalker, Worse Than Murder is a paranormal mystery for adults told in alternating first-person points of view.

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What Do You Think?

Previewing Two New 'Works in Progress' Books by the Author

"Somewhat similar to both a real mystery and a Japanese horror movie, this book is s spooky and compelling read."

Rosemary Smith


Praise & Reviews

"Wechselblatt crafts a compelling read. The dual points of view of the detective and psychic keep the plot flavorful and nicely paced. The story has the perfect last line."

‘Jennifer M. Fulford

Author of The Book of Ulie

 “A resonant tale of mystery. Engaging, sturdy, and suspenseful. Wechselblatt artfully layers the story with uncertainty while the compelling adventure is all captured through the vision of a clairvoyant.”

Jerry Aylward

Author, Retired Detective

Why Paranormal Fiction?

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."

W.B. Yeats


It is easy to overlook the miraculous in the world. We get accustomed to seeing the world as we think it is. Nothing new seems to happen. Every experience readily repeats experiences we’ve already had.


About Stephen Wechselblatt

Award-winning author Steve Wechselblatt has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa. His short stories have appeared in an annual survey of

Modern Poetry in Translation...

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