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Worse Than Murder (2022)  

A Novel 

Homicide detective John Carver thought he’d seen it all. But when a young woman’s body is discovered floating in the rooftop water tank at a skid-row hotel and a local new-age psychic claims to have seen that young woman moments before her death, Carver quickly realizes he’s in unfamiliar territory.


Soon he’s thrust into an investigation that makes him question everything he believes in and terrifyingly finds his own daughter, the same age as the victim, caught up in the case. Reluctantly working with the psychic, Carver begins to unlock a decades old mystery and comes face to face with what he can only describe as true evil. Inspired by a true story,


Inspired by a true story, Worse Than Murder is a page-turning mystery that is equal parts gripping and terrifying, and will leave readers clamoring for more.

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Diamonds And Moths (2017)


Chance. Trickery. Magic. Mystery. Steve Wechselblatt’s Diamonds and Moths invites us into an astonishing world. A world not meant to be understood but experienced. Diamonds and Moths engages the mind and stirs the imagination with a unique blend of irony and magic in a realm where only the impossible is real.

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The World in Between  (2023)

A Novel

The sequel to Worse Than Murder.

The world is precariously placed  between the angelic and demonic

Keep visiting my website for updates on the Sequel.

Coming in 2023

And a Work in Progress...
Divine Monster

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